When you get thrown into a situation where you have been a stay at home Mom for more than 20 years to all of a sudden needing to care for your children financially as well you have 2 choices….




I decided I needed to SWIM!!

One way I make my money last is by finding avenues to SAVE money.

Thrifting is my favorite tool I use.

I shop local consignment Dollar Days as well as our local Goodwill now does Dollar Days as well, so those actually cost me only $0.90 because I did invest $10 in a discount card that gives me a 10% discount on my daily purchases. This has been such a great investment for me!

My kids know I have a rule…

Unless it is an urgent need it has to be the Dollar Day color.

Then depending how truly urgent the next rule is the 1/2 off color.

I rarely have to pay full thrift retail price.

Her is my latest haul…

For me:


For my son:


I typically only purchase name brands because then…

When we are done I bring them to a consignment shop to resell. They only accept name brands so that is what I try to keep to. Not only that it is a confidence builder for me knowing my kids are wearing higher end clothes without me dropping $40 or more on one piece of clothing.

The above haul would easily of cost me over $100 and yet I spent under $5!!

That to me is a great success in making my money work for me!!

I am thriving despite my change.

Do you thrift? What are some things you have found?