Sometimes you need to change up things to make them work or to enjoy them.

I never did like shopping for clothes in the past, even when it was not for me. Well that is not entirely true. There had been a time a long time ago I did enjoy shopping for my ex and my kids when they were really young. I like nice things and there is nothing wrong with that. Somewhere along the years I actually lost that desire and love too.

That is until about a year ago.

First when you lose over 150 pounds clothes shopping for yourself, at least I have found for me, can be a lot of fun.

Then I have made getting a great deal a game.

I try to get the most for the least.

This week I succeeded in that fr sure!!

Sunday I scored some great deals at my local GW Boutique!

Then I visited my fave consignment shop I have found to date.

Madlyn’s New & Used Clothing Like their Facebook page too here.

I have been shopping here for over a year and I almost always find fantastic deals.

This week was, well I will let you see:

For my son I was able to get a leather jacket, a suit jacket and a nice pair of dress type shorts for a whopping $3! All name brand.


Just the Leather jacket alone would be more than $80 new on clearance. And have you checked the price on suit jackets? When I got into a bind and had to buy one new for my son I paid $30 at Burlington!! CRAZY!

But that was not all I found, no then I found some great things for me:PhotoGrid_1470080554498

Again all name brand as you can see.

Total of $10.50 spent.

Actually it was $7.72 out of my pocket because the other part of shopping here is I also consign my clothes and jewelry I make. I had a small credit on account form the past week. I cannot tell you though how many times I have actually walked out with my purchases and money on top. Yes gotta love it when you are essentially paid to shop.

I truly love this store, an no this is not a sponsored post, I just love how Melissa runs her business. She knows what she is doing and did I mention my daughter just started to work there as well? Yep a little over a month, her first job and she absolutely loves it!

Oh and if you do not live in the area follow them on FB anyway because if you see something you like contact them and you can have it shipped to you! They post daily new items that have come in.

So if you happen to be in the Waterville Maine area be sure to put Madlyn’s in your GPS and give them a visit. It is in beautiful Historic Downtown  Waterville along with some of our other fave places like The local Farmers Market, Loyal Biscuit Co., Selah Tea, Jorgensens Cafe and Holy Cannoli.