Some things I have enjoyed around the web this week.

I saw this on kids chore buckets which I LOVE. Now my kids are on the older side but this is such an awesome concept. I may have to use it adjusting a bit because it would certainly make things easier even for me when I am cleaning.

How about bacon topped meatloaf? Yes please!! I plan on making this this weekend. I will let you know how it turns out.

My daughter has graduated and I loved the look of this and cannot beat the price.  Now to just get the time to make the tassel garland. This Lemon Cake looks good and easy to make 1 or 2 for her party as well.

This is so pretty and easy to make, thinking I will be stopping t my local home store to get the supplies I need to make this. Says it only takes 10 minutes to make this earring holder, we shall see.

A Foodie Gets Fit shared her 21 day challenge that is certainly a great idea and though I won’t be starting today, I have a goal to definitely start it soon. Great sugar detox as well as the carb cravings that I have allowed to creep back into my regular diet.