I absolutely love life.

I just cannot convey how much I am loving trying new things and meeting new people.

Life truly had been so routine and boring.

Always doing only what my ex liked and wanted to do. Not anymore. Now I do things I love…things I forgot I loved! My children are experiencing so much more now too and exploring things they love. Together to see things new through their eyes too is just amazing. Despite the change that happened in our lives we are thriving!

I also enjoy cookies, but my body does not enjoy them so much.


I am not a protein bar fan, but enter these awesome little gems:


Not really a recipe but a solution.

Just heat the oven to 350. Cut a protein bar into 8ths, I used Quest and the Atkins lift, both worked great.

Bake for about 5 minutes.

Take out of oven and press with back of spoon and flip.

Bake about 5 minutes more.

Remove from oven and eat warm or allow to cool and get crispy.

My great solution for something crispy and sweet.