Back in 2011 when I began to explore the possibility of weigh loss surgery I remember one of the things that came up in discussion during the initial 4 hour seminar was the extremely high statistic of divorce after weight loss surgery.




I also remember thinking that is not going to be us. After all my weight was the reason for all our problems, right? Well if you were to ask my ex that is what he said. My weight made him unhappy. Nope I was not thin when he asked me to marry him. Apparently he thought the weight would magically melt away after he became  my husband.

So guess what? My weight was NOT the reason for our problems. Nope I had been right, I told him it was not my weight. Proof there was when in late March of 2014 my he decided he was leaving. Pretty much out of the blue. At the time I was living my worst nightmare. My life was a roller coaster on the road to hell.

Almost 2 1/2 years later I am still healing, I have had a few setbacks with my road to a healthier weight but over all I am such a happier person now. I am at peace. I have regained the confidence I had when I was younger and add that to my age where I am to the point if you don’t like what you see hit the door because I just aint got time for that!IMG_20160515_084226

I know what I want and  will never settle again for anything less…I do not have to. I am
worth the work and I have so much to offer to the right man.

PhotoGrid_1470228320880Now just for us to meet, because I know he is out there somewhere looking for me…all of me.