My daughter Kat has graduated, I just cannot believe it!

I just do not know where the time has gone, seriously! It feels like she was just starting to walk and talk yesterday and now she is entering into the adult world.

My goal is to have a party that she will remember for a long time. A special night doing things she loves with people she loves.


I am a big DIY’er , hmm is that a word? Anyway I love to do things way back when I got married I did a majority of it on my own too. My own flowers, hat, table decorations, anyway you get the idea. I actually love doing it.

Anyone that knows Kat knows she is a HUGE marvel fan.Kat the SuperHero





Kat the Marvel FANCrazy fan.






Bucky Barnes Cosplay

She has Marvelous knack for writing too.





And making cosplay outfits. She is going to a Comicon sort of event this month and she is super excited about it. I have yet to see her current outfit but I am sure it is amazing!

SO back to the elegance, her party has a number of elements of the Marvel fandom, BUT she is also elegant. So to classify Kat is a truly an eclectic person….beautiful and lovely to boot.

On the elegant side I have made these table centerpieces I made:


They were super easy just messy and time consuming. But well worth it. On the table they will have a candle inside so when the dancing begins and lights go down there will be a light glow from the tables.

The time before the party day is ticking away and I have much more to do. It will all come together and when it does it should definitely be a night to remember!