Good morning friends! Welcome to a day of daily eats in the life of a woman after weight loss surgery.

I LOVE coffee, maybe too much, but to add cream and sugar well just cannot do it. My alternative is to add a protein shake like Premier.

It adds flavor and I feel no guilt in indulging each morning for my breakfast.Protein Coffee






Mid-morning I snacked on a Greek 100 Whips. First time trying this flavor and I just have to say I did find it a bit on the sweet side. Greek 100 Whips




My job takes me on the road…and in convenience stores.

Downside of that is when I smell a weakness, like…

HOT pretzels!Pretzel & Cheese And cheese!





An awesome perk of my job is the ability to have lunch with friends or in the case today my daughter.Lunch With my girl




We enjoyed a bit of one on one time and some awesome dishes from Buffalo Wild Wings.

I had the Buffalitos with the Mango Habanero and Jerk sauces on each of them.

I have to say they were pretty good.B Dubs Buffallitos



Only ate a few of the chips.


Dinner was Shredded Chicken.

This is such an easy meal for me.

I make a few chicken breasts and thighs in the crockpot, shred and we usually eat it all week in different meals.

The first literally being the chicken with our favorite sauces.Shredded Chicken





My sauce I used with this was this caliente sauce…







It is pretty hot, does the trick.

Do you have a fave hot sauce?