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In my house!!!!

I am Always on the lookout for better options that taste good.

Particularly in the sandwich component area.Low Carb WrapsLow Carb Wraps






I spotted these gems during my last shopping trip.

Now I have had low carb wraps and to this point was unimpressed. They lacked flavor and I felt like I was eating cardboard.

I have to say these were amazing!!

The taste was spot on and just like a wrap!

To boot the nutritionals on these lovelies are 60 calories AND 6g of protein!

I really scored with these in my book.Low Carb Wraps


I used them to make a traditional wrap. Held up beautifully and tasted wonderful.


Low Carb Wraps

I used them to make a thin pizza!


The only  negative I can say is the price. But you do get what you pay for and these are actually worth every bit of what I paid for them.


I look forward to trying other flavors. They have 11 varieties just in low carb.

Great product.

Thank you Tumaro’s!

Do you have a fave wrap?

Until next time!!