Hi! My name is Trish…facebook_1458034404065

A 40 something single Mom of 3.

I did not set out to be a single mom…ever, but that is what I am now thanks to my husband err EX-husband leaving after more than 20 years of marriage.

No matter how amicable a divorce is it is never easy….for anyone.

I find myself here but I find myself thankful.

Thankful I have a second chance to make my life better and be the person I had pushed down and lost for so many years of trying to be what I though my Ex wanted me to be. I never did live up to what he wanted of me. Obviously as the fact he left.

What I have found after the dust has settled and I am getting into a groove of being who I am for me and nobody else is I really missed the person I am…inside. I like love me and to take from a song I LOVE by Meghan Trainor…

I thank god every day
That I woke up feeling this way
And I can’t help loving myself
And I don’t need nobody else, no

So I am still healing from many years of verbal abuse that shot my self-confidence almost out of existence but I am not just surviving…

I am

Thriving Despite Change!!!!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will say hi and follow my journey of growth as I continue to heal each and every day.

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